About Us

Safari Trading

Almost 3 decades back, Safari Trading Est started its journey in the Qatar market, looking back, it was a path breaking course indeed.

About Us

In the last 2000 years, we have evolved as a civilization by connecting with each other, and in this, the trade routes have played a pivotal role. At one point, the different trade routes connected the different centres of the world leading to a transformative phase in human evolution.
In 1992 Safari Trading Establishment brought the same idea to the table, to be a key player in connecting the trade routes of the modern world. Over the past three decades we brought out a culture of modern trade with an air of Safari Establishments into it, this brewed a mixture of innovative and world-class standards into the trade dimensions of the Middle East.
The vision for the future is to make the same journey a bit more dynamic in all its essence, Safari Trading Establishment foresees a future where international trading is hassle free in all its methods with its base in a quintessential element of quality. We believe, even after three decades, we are still diving deeper into the varied elements of the same journey.

Chairman's Message

“Safari Trading sprouts from a vision, a dream to bring together quality products and people under one umbrella. Over the last 30 years, we have been accelerating the same dream, taking it forward, steering it with a mission.”

Aboobacker Madappat